Trying to draw digital~
Meet Greedling~

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Testing Tsukishima Kei make-up and outfit~

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Photographer: Semashke ( Http://Semashke.Deviantart.Com/ ) 
Yami Bakura - Nemarune ( Http://Nemarune.Deviantart.Com/ ) 
Marik Ishtar - me 
Year: 2014

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Just showing some progress of Viral~

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Yami Marik -
Marik Ishtar - me

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It has to be shown~
I left my sister near my PC for some minutes and when I came back found this her drawing she just had copied from PC screen~ I just added caption~
My sister is genius~

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My and my brother collaboration work - poster for cosplay event Nyaaa.
Bigger version there:

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